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As a church walking in the faith of God, the commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, Kingdom Life Deliverance Ministries has accepted the Apostolic mandate in order to walk in a kingdom vision.  This mandate, inspired by the characteristics of Kingdom Life Church International Churches as outlined by Apostle Andre Cook, is as follows:

1.     A Breakthrough Church: We shall be recognized as pioneers of new moves of God, moving without compromise while under intense pressure; in progressive revelation; under authority in an effort to impact society.

2.    An Evangelistic Church: We shall break through normal barriers and patterns that would normally limit evangelism and strive to develop a spirit of evangelism.  We shall be led by the Holy Spirit as we develop strategies to reach the community regardless of ethnicity, gender, or race.

3.    An Apostolic Church:  We shall be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit as He sees fit to strengthen the church by authentic apostolic and prophetic gifts.  We shall receive apostolic impartation as the Holy Spirit sees fit to provide.

4.    A Grace Filled Church: We shall utilize the grace that God has given us to operate in our spiritual gifts with complete excellence.  The grace that God has given us will be utilized to bless others.  We believe that our church will attract many gifted in the five-fold ministry gifts and this abundance will be used to develop churches and other ministries.

5.    A Team-Oriented Church: We shall develop team ministries pursuant to the old and New Testament church model.  We shall develop apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral, teaching, intercessory, praise and worship, and deliverance teams in order to accomplish kingdom goals.

6.    A Teaching Church: We shall develop a teaching and discipleship center to build a strong Word-based church.  The teaching team will teach foundational principles, instruct new believers, and will mentor other teachers. 

7.    A Giving Church: We shall become a church that sows and develops sowers in order to increase kingdom resources.  We shall become supernatural givers in order to reach the needy in our community as well as the world.  We shall not just sow financially, but socially as well.

8.    A Prophetic Church: We shall provide an atmosphere of prophetic release in order to activate and initiate people into their destinies.  This atmosphere will also release the plans and purposes of God within the church.

9.    A Presbyter-Led Church: We shall be led by a plurality of elders with the senior pastor serving as an equal part of the presbyter.  This allows the church to operate in diversity and strength because we are not limited to one or two gifts but rather multiple gifts functioning for the development of the vision of the church.

10.  A Church that Ministers to the Lord: We shall minister to the Lord through the spirit of worship, fasting, and praying.  The spirit of worship creates the atmosphere that releases the spirit of prophecy.  Fasting develops our sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.  Praying develops the relationship with God.

11.  A Praying and Fasting Church: We shall be a house of prayer for all nations.  By praying, we release the apostolic anointing within the church and destroy spiritual strongholds.  Fasting repairs the breaches of the enemy and restores the pathway of those who have gone astray.

12.  A Sending Church: We shall become a spiritual base to develop and release apostolic and prophetic teams to plant other churches and develop ministries.  We shall be churches that impact our community and the world by releasing spiritual gifts to increase the kingdom of God.


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